Coastal Erosion Along the Todos Santos Bay, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico: An Overview


  • Roman Lizarraga-Arciniega
  • David W. Fischer


Coastal erosion, coastal zone management, Mexico


This paper presents an overview of the factors influencing the erosion regime in Todos Santos Bay, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Such factors include the geomorphology of the area, the degree of coastal erosion along the bay's cliffs and beaches, the area's climate and sediment supply, sea level, and human intervention. Human intervention is rapidly becoming the most significant factor influencing coastal erosion, as urbanization and its associated infrastructure have disrupted coastal processes and the sediment budget. The management of coastal erosion was found to be limited to attempts to buttress the shoreline with a variety of materials. The coastal laws of Mexico are silent on erosion issues, leaving erosion to be viewed as a natural threat to human occupancy of the shoreline. It is suggested that for a coastal management program to be effective for the Bahia de Todos Santos, it is critical to integrate local authorities, local scientists, land owners and major developers into a management forum.