James P. Morgan: Personal Perspectives


  • Gregory W. Stone


James Plummer Morgan, William Morris Davis, Richard J. Russell, Murrough P. O'Brien, Coastal Studies Institute, Louisiana State University, University California -Berkeley, coastal geomorphology, deltaic processes


A graduate of the University of California-Berkeley and Louisiana State University, James Plummer Morgan made a distinguished career of teaching and research in coastal and deltaic processes and sedimentation. Morgan was first introduced to coastal processes by Professor Murrough P. O'Brien at Berkeley. On graduating in geology from Berkeley, Morgan continued his education after World War II at Louisiana State University under Professor Richard J. Russell. Together Russell and Morgan co-founded the Coastal Studies Institute at LSU and laid the foundation for beach process studies in the United States and around the world. Morgan established his own externally funded research program by unveiling startling new evidence showing the rapid deterioration of Louisiana's barrier islands and marshes. He also conducted pioneering research on diapiric structures and deltaic processes with emphasis on the Mississippi River and the Ganges-Brahmaputra deltas. On retiring from LSU after 30 years of service, Morgan moved to Florida where he remained active in teaching, research and advising state and local governments on coastal management issues. This paper reviews his achievements and contributions and provides some insight on James Plummer Morgan the scientist, teacher, and humanitarian.






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