A Tribute to James Plummer Morgan (1919-1995) and Review of His Scientific Contributions to the Studies of Coastal and Deltaic Systems


  • Gregory W. Stone
  • Jami Donley


One of the many tributes planned to honor the late James Plummer Morgan included an international deltas conference. The "World Delta Symposium," held in New Orleans, Louisiana (August 23-29, 1998) was designed to bring together among the finest scientists and engineers from around the world who were working on deltaic systems to a forum where they could participate in honoring the late Professor Morgan and his many scientific contributions. During the conference, a special "Morgan Symposium" was held on August 27, 1998, as a tribute to the scientific contributions made by Dr. Morgan. Five papers were presented during the course of the symposium, each of which is presented in this thematic section in considerably more detail.






Special Thematic Section