Assessment and Prediction of Poole Bay (UK) Sand Replenishtnent Schemes: Application of Data to Fuhrboter and Verhagen Models


  • Nicholas James Cooper


Beach replenishment, coastal erosion, sediment transport


The performance of two major sand replenishment schemes in Poole Bay has been assessed based upon a long-term beach monitoring record. Analyses of post-replenishment volumetric decay trends have enabled a prediction of when a future replenishment scheme will be needed in Poole Bay. The ability to undertake such a prediction has altered the management philosophy in Poole Bay from a reactive to a pro-active one, and the benefits of such a change are discussed. The Poole Bay data are also applied to mathematical models that have been derived by Führböter (1991) and Verhagen (1996). These models express the volumetric decay of a replenished beach with respect to time. The site-specific modelling parameters derived from the first Poole Bay scheme have been compared with those used to calibrate the Verhagen model, and significant differences are observed. Despite this, both models provide a good fit to the measured field data. Consequently, both models have been used to extrapolate the current post-replenishment volumetric decay, to allow additional dates for a future Poole Bay replenishment scheme to be predicted with confidence, and compared with the previously predicted data.






Technical Communications