Trends of Beach Erosion and Shoreline Protection in Rural Fiji


  • Nobuo Mimura
  • Patrick D. Nunn


Seawall, natural coastal protection, mangrove, coral reef, sea-level rise, climate change


A study of beach erosion and sea encroachment in the rural South Pacific was undertaken. Two islands of Fiji were chosen as study areas. On the basis of observation and interviews with elderly inhabitants of long-established coastal settlements, the coastal problems and countermeasures which they applied traditionally and recently were evaluated. Beach erosion in most of Fiji became significant only some 40 years ago. The causes of this change are considered to be a combination of human-induced development and global sea-level rise. Though people tried to respond to it mainly by building seawalls, there are many inappropriate elements in design and materials. Suggestions are made to improve coastal protection and to address the threats of predicted future accelerated sea-level rise and climate change.






Special Thematic Section