Long-Term Relief Deformation and Sediment Characteristics of Alexandria Eastern Harbour, Egypt


  • Morad F. Lotfy
  • A. A. Badr


Fourteen beach profiles covered a period of 54 years (1936-1990) were analyzed to understand the erosional and accretional behavior as well as the sediment drift pattern inside the Eastern Harbour of Alexandria. Bottom relief deformation defined from profile survey data suggest that major erosional area with a vertical shift value of -7.0 m was located around the central part of the harbour, whereas accretion one was prevailed on the eastern (+2.5m) and western (+ 1.5m) sides. The high value of accretion to the east of the erosion area, demonstrating that there is strong eastward sediment drift. This drift is due to the oblique approach of waves arrived from the WNW-NNW sectors and the resulting anticlockwise current inside the harbour. The identified pattern of sediment drift based on bottom relief deformation is supported by grain-size characteristics in areas of erosion and accretion.






Technical Communications