Summary of Beach Nourishment Activity Along the Great Lakes' Shoreline 1955-1996


  • Michael K. O'Brien
  • Hugo R. Valverde
  • Arthur C. Trembanis
  • Tanya C. Haddad


Replenishment, location, funding, volume, cost, length, nourishment


This paper present s data collected by The Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines in a 1996 survey of the United States Great Lakes beach nourishment experience. Since 1955, at least 416 individual nourishment episodes have taken place at 60 sites. A cumulative volume of at least 25 million cubic yards of sand has been placed on Great Lakes' beaches and near shore areas. Federally funded nourishment projects dominate in the region with three very different types of nourishment projects: mitigation, navigation and storm erosion control.