Hyperbolic Distributed Wind, Sea-Level and Wave Data


  • Poul Skyum
  • Christian Christiansen
  • Preben Blaesild


Hyperbolic distribution, wind, sea- level, wave height, wave period


The hyperbolic distribution has four parameters and the logarithm of its probability density function is a hyperbola. The distribution has been used to analyze data from different scientific areas and in particular data from earth science. Some of the most important properties of this flexible distribution are discussed. Good agreements are found when fitting the distribution to wind, sea-level and wave observations. These agreements are better than can be obtained when applying the traditionally used distributions such as the Weibull, the log-normal, and the Rayleigh distribution. Return periods calculated from the distribution are also in agreement with observations. A case of fitting the two dimensional version of the distribution to a set of data consisting of simultaneous recordings of wave height and wave period is discussed.