Implementing a Barrier Island and Barrier Shoreline Restoration Program-The State of Louisiana's Perspective


  • Ivor Ll van Heerden
  • Karl DeRouen Jr.


Barrier islands, restoration strategy, environmental impact statement, feasibility study


Louisiana is undergoing a dramatic loss of its coastal wetlands that threatens the economy of the whole state. For this reason the state is currently implementing a coastal wetland restoration program based on the "Big Picture" implementation strategy of large-scale offensive and multi-year projects. Sources of funding are both state and federal. A key component of this program is barrier island and barrier shoreline restoration. The state, in 1995, suggested an ambitious near-term strategy for large-scale restoration of its barrier islands through mining of federal offshore sand deposits. By way of implementing this strategy the state proposed a reevaluation of the priorities of utilizing existing financial appropriations; negotiations were held with federal agencies and national environmental groups; feasibility and environmental impact statement studies were initiated; and, discussions held with the dredging industry. This manuscript delineates this strategy.






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