Collection and Analysis of Monthly Mean Sea Level Data in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea


  • M. N. Tsimplis
  • N. E. Spencer


Sea level trends, annual cycle, semi-annual cycle, decadal variability, Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level


The database of the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level is available to any interested researcher and provides a major collection of sea level data worldwide. In this report, the sea level data available from the database of PSMSL for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea are discussed and analyzed. The spatial and temporal distribution of the tide-gauges in comparison with published literature indicate that additional data that can significantly extend the data set may exist and that the installation of new tide-gauges data in a large part of the Mediterranean is needed. The database operation in the area is reviewed and a short analysis of the data is presented. Trends in the eight stations that span for more than 30 years are less than 2.2 mm/yr. The annual and semi-annual cycle and the longer term variability are briefly analyzed and shown to be consistent over the area