Littoral Drift, Evolution and Management in Punta Medanos, Argentina


  • Roberto R. Kokot


Argentina, climatic change, coastal evaluation, littoral drift, management


This study examines the relation between landforms and coastal dynamics; the existence of a compound spit and the prevailing sea wave direction that originated it are established. From the angle of incidence of the waves along the coastline, a formula is presented to determine the direction of growth of the spit. A relative quantification of the littoral drift is determined including different cases of possible evolution of the coastline: proper consideration is given to the incidence of the wave trains. The permanence of the present hydrodynamic model over the last 6000 years is also established. The hydrodynamic stability of the sector between Punta Medanos and Punta Rasa is conditioned upon various climatic changes. Finally, a strategy to avoid erosion of the coastline between Punta Medanos and Punta Rasa is suggested: (a) artificial nourishment of the beach with materials that are not included in the present littoral dynamic, and (b) the correction of construction areas on the dune ridge.