Coastal Zone Geomorphology of Ras-Mohammed Area, Red Sea, Egypt


  • S. Nasr
  • A. F. Abdel-Kader
  • H. I. El-Gamily
  • M. El-Raey


Red Sea, Ras Mohammed, coastal geomorphology, coral reef lagoons, marine terraces


Ras-Mohammed area has an important and unique environment. It is characterized by a diversity of natural resources, habitats, and geomorphological features. In this paper, photo-interpretation techniques, supported by field work are used to study and map geomorphological features of Ras-Mohammed coastal zone. The geomorphological studies reveal that depositional processes are predominant on the western coastal zone whereas erosional processes are predominant on the eastern coastal zone. Ras-Mohammed Peninsula is a hybrid state of the above mentioned zones. Stereoscopic examination of stereo pairs, supported by fieldwork, provided effective tools for studying and mapping geomorphologic features of the investigated area.