Evaluation of Sediment Transport Along the Nile Delta Coast, Egypt


  • S. H. Sharaf El Din
  • A. M. Mahar


Surface synoptic charts of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea have been used for a decade (1980-1989) to obtain data of wind direction and speed. Wind waves are predicted along the Nile Delta coast at five locations (Abu Quir, Rashid, Burullus, Ras El Bar and Port Said). The coastal array system (CAS) wave data obtained in 1988 are used to carry out a comparison between predicted and observed values of wave parameters at Abu Quir and Ras El Bar.

It can be concluded that, the transport of sediment is eastward at Abu Quir, Burullus, Ras El Bar and Port Said. At Rashid the transport is mainly westward due to the effect of the NNE waves, while some reversal occurred. The transport is eastward when NNW and WNW waves dominate the area. The area between Abu Quir and Rashid and that between Ras El Bar and Port Said are characterized by accretion while those between Rashid and Burullus and between Burullus and Ras El Bar are characterized by erosion.