Trace-Metal Dynamics in Tidal Estuaries (Bay of Pen Be, Brittany, France)


  • F P Vasconcelos
  • M Piron-Frenet
  • J P Perthuisot
  • S Ben Haj
  • A Alliot


Sediments, trace-metals, organic matter, fine fraction, estuarine dynamics.


Determinations of trace metal contents (Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn) and sedimentologic parameters (grain size, organic carbon, carbonate, nitrogen, water content) have been made in the Pen Be Estuary sediments of 10 sites during two years. A statistical analysis was done on metal data and sedimentological parameters as well as a normalized analysis of metal data to fine fraction and loss of weight on ignition. Results show relationships between metal imput and sedimentologic parameters. The comparison with the in situ study confirms the continental origin of the metal input which is recycled with the seasons thanks to tidal pomping and pluviometry and also that metals are very strongly linked to the fine sediments.