Numerical Modeling of Harbor Response to Waves


  • Edward F Thompson
  • Lori L Hadley


Coastal engineering, harbor hydrodynamics, harbor oscillations, long waves, short waves, computer programs.


Both short (up to 25-sec period) and long (25-sec to 10-min period) waves can cause damaging conditions in harbors. Harbors of all sizes are affected, ranging from small recreational harbors to large commercial harbors. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has many years of experience with harbor wave concerns and has developed powerful and complementary numerical and physical modeling tools. The CE numerical model, described in this paper, can be used effectively to answer many engineering questions about harbor wave response. Two examples are presented of numerical model studies to evaluate the relative level of short wave protection provided by different breakwater configurations Two additional examples illustrate model applications to evaluate long wave-induced harbor oscillations.