Little Pikes Inlet, Westhampton, New York


  • A V Terchunian
  • C L Merkert


Inlet closure, beach renourishment, tidal delta, beach erosion.


Two barrier island breaches were formed in Westhampton, New York, in December of 1992, following an extratropical storm. The December 1992 Nor'easter along with the Blizzard of 1993 severely impacted the barrier island, causing extensive erosion and the loss of many homes. Two breaches broke through the island, eventually creating an opening larger than the neighboring inlets.

One breach closed within two months by natural processes and with the aid of mechanical dredging. The other breach remained open for eight months, growing the entire time. Emergency actions to close the breach were initiated in July 1993. The closure project consisted of placing 1.5 million cubic yards of sand fill (from an offshore source) and installing 1,800 linear feet of steel sheeting. The project was completed in November 1993.