Seasonal Variation Observed in Surface Water Temperature of Samborombón Bay, Argentina, Using NOAA-AVHRR and Field Data


  • C. Lasta
  • D. Gagliardini
  • J. Milovich
  • E. M. Acha


Surface water temperature, monthly fluctuations, interannual variations, field and satellite data, Argentina


Samborombon Bay (30°S, 57°W) is located on the southern boundary of La Plata River estuarine system. Long-term ecological fishery projects carried out in the estuary, pointed out the importance of this bay as a major nursery ground for estuarine fishes; most of them have a high economical value for the Uruguayan and Argentine fishing fleets. Given the biological significance of water temperature necessary for growth of juvenile fishes, the main objective of the present paper is to study the surface water temperature fluctuations throughout the year, and also to test these fluctuations in 8 five consecutive years series.