An Artificial Longshore Bar at the West Coast of the Island of Sylt/German Bight-First Experiences


  • K. Ahrendt
  • R. Koster


Coastal protection, artificial longshore bar, morphodynamics, littoral drift


A section of the beach at the west coast of the island Sylt near Kampen, which was particularly endangered by coastal erosion, was protected by means of an artificial longshore bar in 1990. Three years later a significant improvement in the coastal structure can be recognized. A high and wide longshore bar has developed and leeward, the beach has widened as well. The longshore sediment transport rate was reduced to Ca = 0.3345 * C0 0.8676 and the mobility (duration) of the sand decreased (increased). The position, height and length of artificial longshore bars must agree with local, natural conditions.