Shallow Seismic and Geomorphic Expression of Buried Wave-cut Terrace and Erosional Valleys Off Redi, West Coast of India


  • L. V. Subba Raju
  • B. G. Wagle


Indian west coast, inner shelf, submerged terrace, erosional valleys, sea level stillstands, Holocene period


A buried wave-cut terrace and U-type valleys have been identified along with a featureless seabed on the inner shelf off Redi, west coast of India, using high-resolution shallow seismic reflection profiles. The terrace occurs in depths ranging from 15 to 28 m below sea level and is buried under 4-10 m of recent sediments in water depths up to 18 m.

Discontinuous and weak seismic signatures appear at few places over the terrace indicating weathering and erosion at the time of areal exposure of basic rocks and the formation of U-type valleys. Terrace and the valleys are interpreted to be the results of stillstands of sea level and erosion respectively during the early to middle Holocene times.