On Some Aspects of Barrier Islands of the West Coast, India


  • Pravin D. Kunte


Remote sensing, coastal geomorphology, coastal erosion, beach sand, island


Three barrier island systems, namely, Maniyet barrier island system, Vypin-Cochin barrier island system, and Alleppey barrier island system situated along the west coast of India are located, mapped and studied using remote sensing data, topographic maps, and naval hydrographic charts. Efforts are made to gather geomorphic evidences which are helpful in understanding possible stages of formation of barrier islands. Based on transgressional and regressional nature of the coast, physiography of barrier islands, and the shoreline changes, it has been concluded that the evolution of the barrier islands has taken place in three prominent stages: (1) Initial emergence of the land during which paleo beach ridges were formed,(regressional phase), (2) subsequent submergence of the land, which is characterized by engulfment of beach ridges (transgressional phase), and (3) emergence of the coast during which breaching (regression phase) of ridges and harrier island formation took place.