Mudbanks of the Southwest Coast of India. I: Wave Characteristics


  • Joseph Mathew
  • Mytheenkhan Baba
  • N. P. Kurian


Energy dissipation, fluid mud, wave spectra


The dynamics of the unique mudbanks of the southwest coast of India is examined. In situ studies were conducted to understand the processes involved in mud bank formation, sustenance and dissipation. Longterm nearshore wave data show that the pre-mudbank wave intensity and its persistence have a direct bearing on the sustenance and dimensions of the mud banks. Synchronous nearshore and offshore wave measurements indicate that wave energy is almost completely dissipated before it reaches the shoreline in the presence of the mudbank; the dissipation is only on the order of 25% or less in the absence of the mud bank. The role of bottom fluid mud in absorbing surface wave energy is recognized.