Discussion of: Hearty, P.J. and Kindler, P., 1993. New Perspectives on Bahamian Geology: San Salvador Island, Bahamas. Journal of Coastal Research, 9, 577-594.


  • James L. Carew
  • John E. Mylroie


This comment is written to address some of the perspectives on Bahamian geology expressed by HEARTY and KINDLER (1993). We have studied the geology of the Bahamas for nearly two decades, and have come to appreciate the complexity of the relatively short geological record present in the surficial rocks of the Bahamian islands. Study of that surficial geology is hampered by the lack of good bedrock exposures (especially in island interiors), the patchy accumulation of rock during depositional episodes, the overall similarity of the rocks (i.e., all carbonates), and the highly variable nature of depositional environments that occur in limited time and space. To unravel the depositional history of Late Quaternary carbonates under such constraints requires use of a variety of geologic techniques coupled with intensive field work.






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