Vegetation Changes in North Sinai Within Three Decades


  • H. F. El-Kady
  • M. N. El-Shourbagy


Environmental changes, vegetation changes, north Sinai, Wadi EL-Arish, classification, ordination


Phytosociological relations of plant groups in Wadi EL-Arish area, north Sinai, have been compared within a period from 1958 to 1989. Fifty-six stands were selected in 1958 and eighteen stands in 1989 were found satisfactory to represent variation in vegetation. Application of the TWINSPAN classification and DCA ordination techniques led to the recognition of six groups of stands in 1958 which were reduced to four in 1989. Each group of the 1989 stands denoted resemblance with either one or two groups from those of 1958, but with differences in floristic composition.