Wetlands, 2nd Edition by William J. Mitsch and James G. Gosselink


  • Gary A. Klee


The subject of this book is Wetlands-those areas once regarded as mosquito invested "wastelands" to be drained and developed. Today, rather than being thought of as wastelands, wetlands are beginning to be treasured as "biological supermarkets" because of their high biological productivity and as "nature's kidneys" because of their ability to partially cleanse nonpoint pollution. Wetlands is written by two experienced wetland ecologists--Mitsch, a professor in the School of Natural Resources at Ohio State University, and Gosselink, a professor emeritus at the Center for Coastal, Energy, and Environmental Resources at the Coastal Ecology Institute at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. As with the first edition, the purpose of this latest edition is (1) to serve as a university textbook for courses in wetland ecology, as well as (2) to serve as a comprehensive reference for scientists, engineers, and planners that are involved with the research and management of wetlands.