Sediment Budget and Equilibrium Beach Profiles Applied to Renourishment of an Ebb Tidal Delta Adjacent Beach, Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand


  • G. A. Foster
  • T. R. Healy
  • W. P. de Lange


Beach nourishment, volume analysis, Dean's Equilibrium Reach Profiles


An ebb tidal delta adjacent beach was nourished by placement of dredged material in water depths of 4-7 m below Chart Datum. The beach and nearshore were subsequently monitored with accurate integrated beach-nearshore surveys along 7 transects. All the nourishment material could be accounted for by onshore movement resulting in 89 m3 m 1 of accretion within 15 months of placement. Application of the Dean's Equilibrium Beach Profile model, before, during and after disposal, indicated that before nourishment the beach-nearshore profiles exhibited a deficit of sediment throughout their length. After nourishment, the profiles adjusted towards the equilibrium profile predicted by the model.