Recent Anomalies in Mean and High Tidal Water Levels at the German North Sea Coastline


  • A. Toppe
  • A. Fuhrboter


North Sea, Germany, tidal water levels, anomalies, sea level rise, storm floods, frequency, duration


At the German North Sea coastline, an increase in frequency, height and duration of storm floods, especially at the northernmost part of the coastline, since about 1960 can be observed. At the same time, an anomalously increase in MTR occurred because of a sudden decrease of MLW. The storm surge anomalies could only happen if the meteorological conditions have changed. But time series of mean air pressure and wind data in the German Bight which have been derived from geostrophic wind show no such change. The increase in storm surge activity is linked to a stronger atmospheric circulation which is a result of a higher temperature gradient between the equator and the Arctic. Therefore, there is a connection with larger area climatic changes.







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