The Dutch Foredunes: Inventory and Classification


  • S.M. Arens
  • J. Wiersma


Foredunes, classification, the Netherlands, coastal processes, Aeolian sediment budget, foredune management, aerial photographs


Aeolian transport of sand onto the foredunes is of importance with respect to the sediment budget of the coastal system. A classification of foredune types has been made, based on development, management and aeolian activity, using aerial photographs and a morphometric database. This classification provides insight into the occurrence and extent of natural processes in the foredunes, and will serve as a tool for calculation of a sediment budget. In only a few places along the Dutch coast, the foredunes are formed completely by natural processes: the majority are to some extent influenced by man. Although in many place aeolian processes are suppressed by man, their role in foredune development is important either in supply or in redistribution of sand. Geographical variation in aeolian processes results from a variation in management, vegetation, topography and effective wind climate.