Denmark's Great Belt Link


  • Ole Damgaard Larsen


International navigation, rail tunnel, suspension bridge, design criteria, causeway, embankments


The 3.5 billion US dollar Great Belt fixed link will join the eastern and western parts of Denmark presently connected by ferry services. The link is the largest per capita investment in a civil engineering project in any country today. It consists of 8 km long twin bored rail tunnels, a 6.6 km long combined rail and road bridge, and a 6.8 km long high level road bridge with a world record suspension span. The fixed link is going to cross the main channel for exchange of waters between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and therefore the Public Works Act requires compensation measures ensuring a zero environmental influence on the Baltic waters. The requirements to safe passage of the important international navigation between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea gave decisive input to the design of the crossing structures.