Shoreline Development and Sea-Level Rise in the Danish Wadden Sea


  • N. Kingo Jacobsen


Sea-level rise, shoreline displacement, Wadden Sea, Tender salt marsh, Hallum salt marsh, Jutland west coast


On a time scale of 5 - 6000 years the subsurface of the Wadden Sea is stable and the sedimentation due to a steadily rising sea level. The problems are discussed through dated profiles and the results are valid for the whole west coast of Jutland south of Bovbjerg, to the main stationary line of the Wurm/Weichel glaciation. Regional differences related to isostacy are also considered. The Tender area was open to the sea since Eemian time. Here the shore-line displacement can be followed since early Atlanticum. The Ballum area was protected by a barrier system represented today by the Isle of Rome. East of Rome, peaty, swampy areas and forests were trangressed later in the iron age transgression J (200 - 600 AD).