Evolution of the Caspian Sea Coasts Under Conditions of Sea-Level Rise: Model for Coastal Change Under Increasing "Greenhouse Effect"


  • Ye I. Ignatov
  • P. A. Kaplin
  • S. A. Lukyanova
  • G. D. Solovieva


Transgression (modern), coastal types, erosion of coasts, offshore slope, Bruun rule


Since 1978 the Caspian Sea level rose by 1.5 m. The coastal zone response to this modern transgression is a natural model of the possible future behavior of the World Ocean coasts due to the "greenhouse effect.” Around the Caspian Sea there are several types of response. The major control of the coastal zone behavior under sea-level rise is the offshore dope: the steeper the slope the higher the zone of nearshore erosion is shifted up the coastal zone profile and towards the land. As a whole, the replacement of a regressive regime by a modern transgression since 1978 has resulted in widespread coastal erosion.