Reply to Discussion of Dr. M.A. Gonzales on Our Paper "Comparison of ESR and Amino Acid Data in Correlating and Dating Quaternary Shorelines Along the Patagonian Coast, Argentina" in Journal of Coastal Research. 6(2).


  • Nat Rutter
  • Ulrich Radtke
  • Enrique J. Schnack


The authors appreciate the comments and interest of Dr. Gonzales on our work on Quaternary shorelines along the Patagonian Coast. Our purpose was to improve knowledge and understanding of the number, age, character and geomorphology of beach ridges found in selected areas of Patagonia, since little information was available. To aid in correlation and dating, we employed two methods previously untested in the area-amino acid dating techniques and ESR (Electron Spin Resonance). The authors are well aware of the limitations of the methods and have indicated such throughout the paper. Our conclusions were based upon our best interpretation of the data obtained to date and believe that we now have a better understanding of the evolution and timing of events of shoreline development.

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Nat Rutter

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