Dune Movement in the Kwaaihoek Region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and its Bearing on Future Developments of the Region


  • G.D. La Cock
  • R.A. Lubke
  • Muriel Wilken


Dune movement, sand movement, road construction, coastal management, South Africa


The Kwaaihoek region of the eastern Cape coast, South Africa, consists of an 8 km long stretch of largely unspoiled dunefield. This dunefield is interrupted by three vegetated rocky promontories, Kwaaihoek 1, 2, and 3. In response to a proposal for a road across this dunefield to a parking lot behind Kwaaihoek 1, the rates and volumes of sand movement in the vicinity of the proposed site were determined by the use of aerial photographs, long term observations, and dune transects. The rate of dune movement of 2.9 m yr-1 for a large dune compared favourably with other rates for dune movements in the eastern Cape. At this dune the volume of sand shifted was 23.5 m3 m-1 yr-1 . These data were presented to the relevant authorities, resulting in the cancellation of the proposed road.