Small Scale Temporal Variations in Morphology and Grain Size Characteristics of the Sediments of Binge Beach, India


  • P.T. Hanamgond
  • V.C. Chavadi


Indian beaches, grain size, pocket beaches


The sediments of Binge Beach are fine to very fine (2.05 to 3.15φ), very well to moderately sorted (0.231 to 0.813φ).), and strongly coarse-skewed to strongly fine-skewed (-0.464 to +0.381) in their grain size characteristics. The spatial distribution of the sediments during the study period indicates that the sediments decrease in size from station 1 towards station 3, i.e., due NW and also show greater positive skewness towards NW which in turn shows sediment transport due NW. The CM patterns suggest that the beach represents a low energy depositional environment where sediments are deposited by the mechanism of traction current. The morphological variations show an overall pattern of accretion but the beach is accreting more rapidly in its central portion compared to distal margins. The longshore currents are opposing and, when compared with morphological variations, they indicate a circulating pattern of sediments within the small bay between the two promontories (during the study period).