Neotectonism and Sea-Level Changes in the Coastal Zone of Argentina


  • Jorge O. Codignotto
  • Roberto R. Kokot
  • Silvia C. Marcomini


Argentine coast, sea-level change, neotectonic activity


For the first time radiocarbon dates with corresponding altimetry over present mean sea level are correlated for the Holocene or Argentina. Relative rates of continental uplift for 15 localities distributed over 3,500 km of the Argentina coast are determined, and a model of coastal evolution is described. Maximum transgressive levels were reached between 4,000 and 6,500 yr BP. The relative uplift rates for the Holocene varied between 0.12 and 1.63 m/1000 years.The neotectonism along the Argentina coast is clearly evident as the minimum uplift rates are associated with sedimentary basins while maximum ones correspond to interbasin zones.