Postglacial Stratigraphy and Sea-Level Changes in the Han River Delta, China


  • Yongqiang Zong


Deltaic stratigraphy, Han River, China, sea-level change


The Han River Delta has resulted from the postglacial marine transgression since 12,310 ± 370 BP. Postglacial stratigraphy and sedimentary facies were recently investigated, with detailed analyses of borehole records and examination of sediment samples. From interpretation of the stratigraphic data and analysis of historical documentary data, three periods of marine transgression followed by regression in the delta during postglacial time were identified and described. The three periods of transgression are dated from 12,310 to 6320 BP, from 5380 to 3590 BP and from 2630 to 1640 BP. It is summarized that the stratigraphy is composed of three fining-upwards sequences which coincide with increase in marine action, resulting from three periods of marine transgression or rises in sea level.