Marine Concrete Technology


  • G.M. Idorn


Concrete, sea water, exposure, climate, durability, workability, curing, history


This paper deals with the early development of concrete technology and the structural development by means of reinforced concrete which made the Western European and North American rise as industrial regions and leaders of the world trade possible during the 19th century. The early recognition of the importance of strength of concrete and of resistance of structures to the marine environments, and the historic development of durability preserving technology is described. The more recent experlence with the effects of deleterious factors, inherent and associated with the investments in construction development in harsher environments in developing countries, is discussed. Recent attention to the importance of monitoring of concrete curing is referred to. Together with research on the nature of the microstructure of fresh concrete this new development is considered essential as the basis for forthcoming development of concrete technology for marine constructions.