Sand Budget Trends and Changes Along the Holland Coast


  • J.H.M. De Ruig
  • C.J. Louisse


Dunes, breaker zone, shoreface, sand budget, coastal management, Holland coast


The Dutch coast primarily consists of sandy dunes, beaches and shoreface. From 1963 onwards, the morphology of this system was regularly monitored, providing a very valuable morphological data set. Based on information from this data set, a sand budget study was undertaken for the central part of the Dutch coast, the 120 km long Holland coast. The studied coastal zone extends from the landward side of the sandy dunes to about three kilometers seaward of the dunefoot. This paper aims at the description of large-scale morphological developments, both in time and in space. Therefore areas with a morphologically distinct character were identified and trends in sand volume for these areas were calculated.