The Geomorphological and Botanical Changes in Kernic Bay (Brittany, France): Influence on Coastal Management


  • Marie-Claire Guenegou
  • Jacques E. Levasseur
  • Chantal Bonnot-Courtis
  • Louis R. Lafond
  • Jeannine Le Rhun


Sediment-accretion, tidal level spartina anglica spread, coastal geomorphology, coastal management


Kernic Bay, located on the northern coast of Brittany, is a coastal spot of great touristic but also economic interest as until recently, seasonal sand removal has prevented the natural filling of the bay through sedimentation. Due to the cessation of sediment removal, and the recent appearance of Spartina anglica, drastic changes occured with a continuous elevation of the substrate level and a subsequent reduction in the tidal volume. This paper outlines the sedimentological and hydrodynamic conditions of the Kernic lagoon and the chronological events leading up to the present status of the site. Of particular importance is the impact of Spartina anglica in the inner parts of the bay. The interferences between these processes are discussed in relation with the project of local authorities to develop an international windsurf base in the bay. Several methods of Spartina anglica eradication are proposed.