The Viking Port, Trondheim, Norway


  • Tord Brabrand


Archaeological excavations, Leiv Eriksson's travel route, port authorities, Norse sagas, Trondheim harbour, war sailors' monument


This report deals with Norway's ancient capital and its port; discussion is initiated by Borne facts of today's Trondheim (Nidaros). Background information goes back to the sagas and the time of Leiv Eriksson's route from Trondheim to the northern states of America about A.D. 1000. New results from archaeological excavations during the last 17 years are presented as background for the development of the town towards royal power, political administration and maritime activity in the Middle Ages. The archbishop's seat in Nidaros (1153-1537) consolidated the town's position even when it ceased being the national capital. Special incidents from the port's history from about A.D. 1000-1200 and from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries as well as from the two world wars are presented. Memories and atmospheres from Munkholmen, the small island just outside the entrance to the harbour are included. Finally the post-war time is mentioned, and symbolically the discussion concludes in Nidaros-domen (the Cathedral of Nidaros).