Nearsurface Suspended Sediments at Monte Hermoso Beach, Argentina: I. Descriptive Characteristics


  • Gerardo M.E. Perillo
  • Diana G. Cuadrado


Suspended sediments, zone of sediments, coastal processes, Monte Hermoso coast (Argentina)


The Southwestern Buenos Aires Province coast is characterized by the presence of a zone of high near surface suspended sediments (Z0S) with total concentrations ranging from 35 to more than 160 mg/l. The ZOS is variable in width, degree of contact with the shore and sediment concentration. The ZOS may originate from the outflow of fine suspended sediments from the adjacent Bahia Blanca Estuary and is deflected towards the northern coast by Coriolis force. Otherwise, only the sand sized material found in the samples is autochthonous and suspended by the local wave dynamics. The width of ZOS is related to wind direction being larger (> 500 m) with continental (north and northwest) winds.