Beach Behavior and Defences Along the Lido di Jesolo, Gulf of Venice, Italy


  • Marcello Zunica


Beach line, beach erosion, beach enrichment, coastal defence, Adriatic Sea


The arched coastline enclosing the Gulf of Venice is extremely complex because the terminal stretches and mouths of its rivers and beaches have been considerably affected by human intervention.The Lido di Jesolo has been heavily exploited for tourist purposes since World War II with no account being taken of critical beach behavior which is closely connected to the extreme variability, both natural and artificial, of the Pi ave River mouth. High tides in the 1960's caused such serious damage that the entire coastline is now protected by a range of defences. In this paper, the evolution of the Piave River mouth and beach behavior are analyzed and the effects of protective structures are assessed. Although use of the Lido di Jesolo has been severely criticized, many doubts still exist regarding the impacts of the coastal defences.