Revised Reconstruction of Middle and Late Pleistocene Sea-Level Changes Based on New Chronologic and Morphologic Investigations in Barbados, West Indies


  • Ulrich Radtke
  • Rainer Grun


Paleo-sea-level, chronostratigraphy, ESR dating, U-series dating, marine Quaternary, uplift-rate


In an application of the relatively new technique of ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) dating, an extensive chronological and morphometric study has been carried out on coral reef tracts in Barbados. These sequences have been used in previous studies (Bender et al., 1979) to reconstruct paleo sea-level elevations for the middle and upper Pleistocene, concluding in the so called "Barbados-Model." The new data set implies that this model is subject to a far larger uncertainty than previously claimed due to geochronological problems and local variation in the uplift rate.