Sedimentological Parameters of Beach Sediments on the East Coast of India


  • O.S. Chauhan


Beach, beach sediments, geomorphic processes, size parameters, environment of deposition


Study of variations in the sedimentological parameters of 450 representative samples from the east coast of India indicate that the sediments possess a mean grain size in the medium to fine sand class (0.9 to 3.5 phi); have polymodal or bimodal distribution; are well to moderately sorted (standard deviation 0.3 to 1.00 phi); the majority of them are negatively skewed and the sand-to- silt ratio is higher. High input of the source sediments to an area resulting in deposition on the beach: reduces mean size; deteriorates sorting; induces positive skewness; results in higher silt content and positive mean cubed deviation. Variations in the textural parameters of the sediments, therefore. not only depend to a large extent upon the magnitude of geomorphic processes in the surf zone but also on the supply of the sediments.