Response of Zooplankton to Physical Changes in the Environment: Coastal Upwelling Along the Central West Coast of India


  • M. Madhupratap
  • S.R. Sreekumaran Nair
  • P. Haridas
  • Gadi Padmavati


Coastal upwelling, zooplankton abundance, composition, diel pattern, vertical zonation, Arabian Sea


Zooplankton composition and abundance were studied in a coastal upwelling situation from the central west coast of India. Upwelling and associated high biomass was found confined to a narrow coastal span. Zooplankton composition was dominated by a few species of herbivores and carnivores and was generally distinct from non-upwelling and offshore waters. Zooplankton had higher aggregations in the shallow upper mixed layer compared to the stratum below. High variability in zooplankton abundance occurred over short periods. Diel patterns in distribution or migration of zooplankton in inshore waters were not detectable.