Beach Nourishment-Improved Economy Through Better Profiling and Backpassing from Offshore Sources


  • Per Bruun


Beach erosion, profile nourishment, beach fill stability, nearshore profile, offshore currents, dredging, hopper dredge


Recent professional literature on artificial nourishment of beaches includes a number of papers criticizing nourishment as inefficient and not long lasting. Part of the criticism, admittedly for any objective and experienced professional, is well taken and reasoned by practical experiences. Losses associated with normal beach nourishment procedures are mainly caused by too fine material and by the lack of proper consideration to profile geometry. This paper discusses various options to improve beach fill stability by proper "profiling" that means nourishment on the beach and on the nearshore offshore bottom simultaneously and to the extent available equipment permits. It also considers backpassing to the shore by the introduction of non-conventional equipment available or in the development stage.