Genesis-A Generalized Shoreline Change Numerical Model


  • Hans Hanson


Numerical model, simulation, shoreline evolution, beach change, coastal structures, diffraction, refraction, sand transport


This report describes a numerical model called GENESIS (GENEralized model for SImulating Shoreline change), developed for calculating shoreline change as caused primarily by wave action. The modeI is based on the one line theory, for which it is assumed that the beach profile remains unchanged, thereby allowing beach change to be described uniquely in terms of the shoreline position. As opposed to previous models based on the same concept, GENESIS is generalized in the sense that a simple user Interface allows the system to be applied to a diverse variety of situations involving almost arbitrary numbers, locations, and combinations of groins, jetties, detached breakwaters, seawalls, and beach fills. Other features included in the system are wave shoaling, refraction, and diffraction; sand passing through and around groins, and sources and sinks of sand. An overview of the modeling system is presented, and comparisons to analytic solutions as well as prototype situations are presented to demonstrate the capabilities of the system.

Author Biography

Hans Hanson