Effects of Bridge Piers on a Tropical Estuary in Goa, India


  • M. C. Pathak
  • K. L Kotnala
  • N. Prabaharan


Estuary, bathymetry, bridge piers, hazards, marine engineering, navigation


A comparison of surveys made in 1926, 1968 and 1986 shows large morphological changes due to the 13 bridge piers constructed across the Mandovi River, SW coast of India. The changes included the erosion and deposition of river-bed sediments. These types of changes can cause problems in river navigation. The results obtained may be useful for planning and designing of new bridge piers especially in view of the fact that the river is constantly used for barge transportation of iron ore.

Author Biographies

M. C. Pathak

K. L Kotnala

N. Prabaharan