The Ocean Level and Models Simulating Its Oscillations


  • R. K. Kliege
  • S. G. Dobrovolsky


Climate change, greenhouse effect, hydrological cycle, sea-level fluctuation, water balance, Weiner process


General modes for simulating changes in mean sea level are expressed for different time frames that involve short- and long-term transgressive - regressive periods. Our investigations of variations in the global hydrologic cycle indicate that they are important factors in the long term fluctuations of the world ocean level. It is suggested that anthropogenic factors are contributing to a world-wide increase in temperature that may in turn destabilize the western Anarctica ice sheet. A surge and melting of this vast ice mass might cause a rise in the world ocean level on the order of 5 to 7 meters.

Author Biographies

R. K. Kliege

S. G. Dobrovolsky