Response of Barrier Beaches along the Southwest Coast of India to Monsoonal Forcing


  • S. Prasanna Kumar
  • C. S. Murty


Barrier beach, monsoon, erosion, mudbank, empirical Eigen function, sediments, longshore flows, littoral cell


The response of a small stretch of barrier beach along the southern part of the west coast of India to the southwest wind and wave climates showed wide variations when examined through empirical Eigen function analysis. The observed intra-and inter-variability has been found to be the result of differential wave activity which is, in part, due to the flat inshore bottom topography with localised static mud suspensions present close to the central part of the area investigated. In addition, the inadequate supply of sediments from both the mainland and offshore sources makes the prevailing littoral flows undersaturated, thereby giving rise to erosion of existing material from the beach zone.

Author Biographies

S. Prasanna Kumar

C. S. Murty