Late Quaternary Sea Levels along the Atlantic Coast of North America


  • Richard R. Pardi
  • Walter S. Newman


Atlantic coast, sea level, eustatic change, marginal ice sheet bulge, Quaternary sea levels


The sea level record of the last 16,000 years for the east coast of North America is presented in a novel fashion so that the entire set of 736 sea level indicators can be assessed at one time. The elevation data is presented as a function of latitude and time. The results confirm the well-known processes of post-glacial isostatic rebound, eustatic transgression, and littoral subsidence, and for the first time reveal their spatial relationship. Moreover this presentation suggests that part of the sea level record reflects the collapse of an elastic forebulge, a collapse which may have migrated north following the retreat of the Wisconsinan ice sheet.

Author Biographies

Richard R. Pardi

Walter S. Newman